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How about a "How to Maiden" video


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With all of the swappable planes you guys make, it seems that you're always maidening a new, unfamiliar plane. I think it would be really cool to see a video going through all of the things you should do when maidening and trimming a brand new plane. I'd like to see how you check stall characteristics, how you determine and fine tune CG, how you trim the plane for the first time (I know JB doesn't trim).

Thanks for all you do!


That is a good idea. There can be a lot that goes into setting up control throws, centering servos, double checking hinges, control horns, control rods, centering control surfaces and definitely having an intelligent guess as to where cg should be. None of it is difficult by any means, but seeing it done in a video would likely save a lot of folks some headaches. Heck, RTFs and ARFs are notorious for having incorrectly published cg locations. Not good.


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Who would you get to lead that show?

Josh Bixler never trims his planes, and just flies them how they are.

David builds his to such perfection, they are flawless and need no corrections once in the air.

Josh Scott doesn't usually know that he's maidening the plane, they just tell him to fly it, and he does.

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You mean that attaching them to a bungee launch hooked to a barbed wire fence isn't the way to maiden it?
Maybe that would cut down on the number of foamies I've shredded!
All this sounds good and I agree that a How To video is a fantastc idea. Also a check list to be printed out and taken to the field would be nice. A check list would be great as it would help to remind the pilot of what was on the video plus information that can be shared with other beginner pilots.


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I'm mostly interested in the in-flight evaluation. I want to know what maneuvers to put your plane through to determine the performance envelope. How do you evaluate stall characteristics, optimum CG, best take off and landing speed, etc. I think it could be very helpful. I think I have a decent grasp on a lot of this, but I find it so helpful to hear other people's methods and evaluations.


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There's a technique to maidening an aircraft? I've just put the throttle at 3/4 and react....and ultimatley crash..er land.

I think this would make a good episode, or even just a segment on a viewer response episode.