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How about a project for an airborn relay station for FPV... 5.8ghz would be nice...

I would love to see a project using one aircraft with a RX/TX link to rebroadcast video from another aircraft. I know it is nuts, but then that has never stopped you before? There are times where even my great antennas I buy from RMRC run into the laws of physics and 5.8ghz is not very tree frendly.... I mean if you can put and Afterburner on a Vampire or a Model Rocket on A flying Wing, why not? Applications might be for others to view the video while your flying from a different location that affords good LOS to the Platform.


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Yea I've had this idea too, with a chain of hovering relay stations. Kept it in the fantasies department for a bunch of reasons, of course. But still, should it be done, I think it would be a good idea to lend some designs from cellular networks, for example switching frequencies (or even band) when relaying.


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it is could be done, but if its possible to send a model to space and back, do you relay need a repeater?
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Well not if you're going to space, apparently, even if David actually had some problems with his FPV reception. Repeaters make most sense if you're not going straight up as ground obstacles will obscure the signal more then. A repeater creates a "roof" for the signal above ground obstacles. Also, the ned would depend on the frequency you use of course.
fair point tramsgar
davids ground station at one point had a 1.3 ghz link to the plane and 5.8 ghz to his fatsharks, if it was still enought you could stick it on a large baloon on a long string. (to keep it simple)


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I like to keep it simple, so my solution it would depend on height you aim to achieve and budget

- a pole could get you 5 to 10m up fairly easily, and just above a lot of trees. A pole mount would be easy to add to the back of my truck so it was quick to set up.
- a ballon would be the next step if it isn't too windy, and can get some serious height. Probably no harder than the pole but you need to carry a source of helium with you too.
- the ultimate would be an APM controlled plane set to circle above you, with the onboard repeater. An OSD or telemetry could give you feedback on the repeater plane, and a second pilot could change its altitude or position if required whilst you enjoy some long distance FPV. However, twice the number of planes and much greater complexity of the system also increases the chance of a failure that could loose you a plane! After crashing by quad just over a mile away from me last week I am getting nervous about long distance FPV again. I was lucky to recover that one, but at least it was on its way back when I lost it.
Just wanted to chime in and say that this is an awesome idea! Either the baloon or a GPS/Barometer stabilized multi-rotor repeater would be incredible!


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Fantastic idea. This would open up so many new possibilities! This could also allow your spotter to double as your relay driver!!!! Just give him a zeppelin, he won't have to move it around much.

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