How do you mount propellers to these motors? HP2814(3536)-910KV


I'm currently working on my second quad build, this one is a larger, completely custom designed one, for testing of autonomous systems.

I guess I'm not technically a noob.


However, I can't seem to understand how one would mount propellers to this. In my mind, it'll work one direction, but since you can select cw or ccw threads, wouldn't the ccw spinning motors just fling the propeller off?

T-mounts, if only they were used more!


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Looking at the pictures, there is a shaft that screws into those four screw holes on the top of the motor. You attach prop to shaft just like any other motor. See picture below, also on the same page that you linked.


Part should come with motor when u order it.

Edit: That is a lock nut that holds the prop on, shouldn't have issue with it coming off in flight. Keeping in mind I say shouldn't... If your worried, a little loctite will help too. To remove loctite if u break a prop, just use heat, like a heat gun or a hairdrier.
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Yea the lock nut should suffice for holding the prop on. Don't use locktite with plastic prop unless you know it is not ABS plastic because locktite will crack ABS.
Thanks guys! The only concern was that it wouldn't be self tightening for one to the rotations.
We'll see if the loctite holds up, if I do get those motors.

Thanks again!


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Well, your not putting loctite on the prop, your only putting a tiny tiny dab on the lock nut. But I agree, the lock nut by itself should hold the prop on sufficiently.