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How do you prefer to hold your transmitter?


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I was sitting here and thinking, both how people prefer to hold the sticks of there controller, and how to ask them that question in a family friendly matter without sounding dirty.

I gave up on the second part...

But back to the first part! How do you use your transmitters?

I prefer most of the time to use my thumbs like a game controller, and occasionally I use my index and middle finger and thumb to hold the aileron and elevator stick to get a better hold when I'm trying new things, cant feel my fingers in the cold or wanna feel like I have more control. But my left thumb never seems to leave the throttle rudder stick.

Is there a right way to do this? Or is it just personal preference like I figure it is?

Oh! And who uses a neck strap and who doesn't?

I tend to drop things so I definately do haha (killed a really nice Futaba t6xa dropping it once...)


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no neckstrap (I do have the neckstrap of awesomeness) I really should get in the habbit of using one. I fly with my thumbs, I can fly "pinching" the sticks but its tougher for me, the local flying group insists the "pinching" method is better but I think its personal prefferance.


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Neckstrap: yes
Mode 1: Thumbs (preferred by far)
Mode 2: Pinch (it helps me remember I'm flying the wrong mode)

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Neck strap, (spektrum and neckstrap of awesomeness) Pinch method. Works better for me. I know really good pilots that fly with their thumbs, and Alan Szabo jr (World Champ 3D Heli Pilot) flies pinch method. It's just personal preference.
Definitly a neckstrap because I too have atendance to drop things. At fist I used pinch because my thumbs were moving the sticks diagnol causing me to constantly crash but now Im all thumbs :cool:


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Thumbs...with or without neckstrap.

It kinda drives me nuts seeing people pinching the sticks and holding the Tx so the antenna is pointing straight down.


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Neckstrap - it it really hard to do anything else in the winter when the TX is in its "bag".
Like Pilot-294 i think i use the thumb supported by the index finger for ele-aile and thumb for thro-rudd most of the time.


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Neckstrap with thumbs. Always thumbs... I can't imagine how my friend uses pinch because I just can't "feel" the plane that way...

Brian fred carr

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Neckstrap and thumbs ............after thirty years working with tin my hands have been cut
so many times that i cant manage the pinch because like Klonas i cant "feel" the plane


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Wow. So many using the Josh Scott method. I just use the Josh Bixler method. It gives me more control. Oh, and I ddn't have a strap so a piece of string had to do. Neckstrap on it's way


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Not straight down, more flat like this guy. He seems to have plenty of control.
Thank YOU!
That was interesting.
I had the impression that "pen grip" was for slow exact movements but this has changed my opinion.
I was impressed with the "vibrating" maneuver more making sound than actually changing the copters position.

For the antenna direction - people say that you shall not point the antenna towards the plane but 90 degrees from - making the antenna down just as good as antenna up or left or right - but not straight out.


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I think the "feel" has to do with how tight the sticks are... There seems to be some kind of limit that helps the stick stay centered, like doing elevator, without affecting ailerons. If this adjustment is too loose, and you use the thumbs, you need to practice that precision.

It's all about practice.


Let's be honest, here. The only way that guy is keeping the helicopter in the air is by confusing the HECK out of gravity! It doesn't know what to do with that thing! :p