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How do you prefer to hold your transmitter?


Senior Member
Neckstrap and pinch. Thumbs on top and fingers on the front like Szabo. I started flying that way when I picked up helis years ago without even realizing it because I needed the fine motor control for hovers. The opposing pressure gives me the control isolation I need to move one channel without affecting another, like rudder/pitch. Thumbs just feels clumsy to me now for some reason unless I have a ton of expo dialed in.

Mike oxbig

15% nitro is my cologne
I use a neckstrap and thumbs for helis. Helis need a soft touch on the sticks and I found that if I'm gripping the tx I couldn't get the required finesse.

For nitro planes I do not use a strap. When bending over to start the motor and tune the engine it gets cumbersome. I don't need as fine of control with planks as with helis.

Electric planes go either way depending on my mood.