How fast could it fly


Since last being on the forum with my foam built planes I have invested in a 3d printer a printed a plane which worked
So now a built a plane which is 3ft long and a wing span of 2.5ft I put a 64mm edf on it which push’s 400g of thrust out and the plane weighs 500g does any one know how fast it will fly or if it will fly at all
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I don’t think that it’s possible to calculate the speed of an aircraft based on its thrust. Thrust is only the force of the air being pushed by the edf.
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Ketchup's on point, you can't calculate the max speed based on thrust. If you had a propeller with a known pitch speed (as i've yet to see an EDF that advertises information on the blade beyond the diameter) and the max RPM of your prop, you can calculate pitch speed, which is basically how fast the air is coming off the prop, and kind of a theoretical max speed. But that is completely independent of the airframe, which obv, if you put an EDF on a model of a Sopwith Camel with those dimensions, you're not getting near your pitch speed. Your best bet is to go fly it, have your friend don a welding helmet, football gear, and a radar gun, stand directly on the runway and take speed readings (/s, don't actually do this!)

That all being said, got some pictures of your plane, plane? 500g for a 3d printed plane AUW is awfully light, especially at 30" wing and 36" fuse.