How to Use Servo Tester

I'm a newbie. Just got my Crafty kit. I'm just wondering where to connect a battery to the tester. I saw that in a video here, so the tester needs a source of power. Not sure which prong to plug into, the S4? What type or size battery to use?



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The easiest is to use an ESC with a BEC since the servo style connector on that will supply the 5v (or 6v) an you probably have one.

Just plug it into one of the slots and it should power the rest then connect the ESC to its battery.

The -ve and +ve pins on the servo tester are ganged so it generally doesn't matter which slot you use but check any doc on you servo tester since they can have special features. Generally you can use the servo tester to test the ESC.

Otherwise you can use a 5v RX battery ( generally niMH) or if your servos are rated to 6v you can use a 6v LIFE RX battery like this

or perhaps a bit better is to use a separate BEC like this

since you can switch it between 5v and 6v


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Speaking of which, does anyone know of a high resolution servo tester? I have a cheap $6 turnigy tester which is fine to, well, test servo's for defects and center them, or to drive an ESC, but the resolution of the tester is not as good as it could be; Im guessing it only has like 100 steps or so in its range, which is probably no worse than a cheap $3 servo, but does no justice to higher end servo's.

When I was in the local shop looking for a high resolution servo, their own huge shoe box sized servo tester seemed to fare no better, so I actually had to bring my radio and receiver to find out which servo to get. Having a tester with the same resolution would be nice to have.