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Hows your holiday?


Fly, yes... Land, no
Hope everyone is out having fun. Sadly the weather in my area has turn dark, ugly and wet. So no flying for me today :( got a few more projects done and a new design to maiden. With luck things will get beter,b ut weather report looks bad till mid week :(

BTW, Im guessing that if you are reading this you may be in a similar situation, so we can share in our missery together :D


Missery loves company. I worked yesterday and got the call I was needed again today. BBQ'ing for 35 tomorrow. ATM the winds are nominal, I hoping after work I may get a a chance to fly, we'll see.


I'm a care bear...Really?
Ummmm could be better. Lost my Champ to the trees, getting over a nasty chest cold and I have to play EMT tomorrow. So unless the plane gets blown out and survives the traffic on the road ill have to get another. At least my shift will cover the cost of the new plane.


Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
I feel kind of guilty.

I got to fly my tricopter quite a bit this morning. I was able to avert disaster. I flew it over the salt water bay, but it was kind enough to wait until it was just a foot off the ground, over solid earth, to have the grub screw back out on #2 motor setting it free, and caused the whole thing to flip over.

No Flying.jpg Over water 001.jpg Charle's House.jpg

I did tangle it up in some branches up in a tree top. It didn't get stuck, but when it hit the ground, it did bust a couple props and the latch on my GoPro. It turned out ok, because it gave me the excuse to buy a new one. Which has the underwater housing that actually films without blur under water.

382416_10200762502798708_364114943_n-1.jpg 575804_10200762505158767_888681729_n-1.jpg Over the Trees.jpg In The Trees.jpg 988619_10200765434672003_1708900293_n.jpg

So of course I had to go for a swim in the Gulf. Before I was able to get the camera ready, or my snorkel gear on, a sea turtle popped up ten feet away. She was back underwater and off to the races before I even stood a chance of catching up.

Mean Me.jpg Murky Water.jpg June Grass.jpg

Hippo Weazel.png
Yeah, that's my wife. Don't feel bad, she scares me too.

Unfortunately we didn't experience the crystal clear water we usually have, due to something called "June Grass". It tends to make the water a bit murky.

But good news for all of you hating me right now. I do have to eat my wife's cooking for dinner tonight. And to make it worse, it's left overs. (I keep trying to tell her, if I wanted to eat it, I would have done so the first time it was served...)

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
(I keep trying to tell her, if I wanted to eat it, I would have done so the first time it was served...)
That's funny lol. It's raining here. It's been beautiful all week but this week is my night shift so I haven't really been able to get any flying done. The weather is supposed to be bad for my whole off week. Guess I'll rebuild my helicopter.


FM, Feel free to enjoy tomorrow as well while Im sweating my buns off BBq'ing at work . Don't forget to take lots more pictures so I can enjoy your day too! lol