Hubsan H501S X4 "PRO" Advanced Black MatReview - Videos and Tips


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Hello friends, on this occasion I open this thread for presented to the new bird that has joined the songoland family.
For many of you I know do not need presentation, because it is a great model already known in previous versions and a good machine in general.
I'm talking about the Hubsan model H501s x4. This dron is the new version that has made by Hubsan, and although it is great in any of its versions, this brings the controller "advanced" or "pro" which gives us a pretty good range "out of the box" We will say although without any modifications (just oft upgrade) I have seen people have sent them to more than 1.7km before they enter into safety-mode (automatic return by signal loss). Certainly much further than what I will ever send.


Let's talk a bit roughly that its main features and so we can see more in detail. These h501s have built-in GPS, one on the dron and one on the transmitter. In this way the dorn knows at all times where he is turned on and where the pilot is, in this way he is able to follow the transmitter (follow me mode) and to automatically fly to "our feet" if we wish. It is even capable of landing alone if we want to.

This model can be piloted in various ways, even in Acro, which is fast and fun, with a simple touch of the button, we can enter in GPS mode, where it will maintain alone the height and the position that we want. It will also enter a less-than-perfect panic mode, making it perfect for recording video or taking pictures (with its 1080P HD camera), without having to worry about driving the dron or holding it somewhere fixed.
It is also perfect even to learn, in the open field and gps mode, even a child could take it. Without doubt it is a dron that will serve you both to begin, as for those who already know a little more. It has a headless mode that works perfectly and a high resolution screen where you have full telemetry and receive the signal of what you see the camera of your dron .. Just awesome!

I would like to emphasize before starting with the analysis of its functions, that the components of this dron they look great quality. Very pleasant to the touch and to the sight, careful even in the smallest details, a dron that falls in love at first sight.
I have been following it since its first versions, and it has gone down in price day after day, being able to find now (in flash offer) with the ADVANCED controller for 20€ more than the standard model, or what is miso 70€ cheaper than a few months ago.

Unboxing video

Package Contents:
1 x RC Quadcopter
1 x Transmitter
1 x Charger Set
4 x Spare Blade
1 x Tool
1 x English User Manual

Functions everywhere!

If you like to take spectacular photos or record air videos, this dron is for you, comes equipped with a 5.8G FPV Real-time Video, a 3.7 "screen on the remote, which allows you to see at all times What the dron sees. (Even piloting it agraves of the screen) Not to mention that you can put a fpv Glasses easily and also enjoy the FPV expectation.
1080P HD camera records quite well. the only con i find is do not have gimabl. But even so, when it is stable it makes big shots.
This version is the ADVANCED is very complete, you can see at all times full telemetry of the drone and transmitter, speed of flight, height of the dron and even to the distance that it is of us.


Follow Me Mode
Well this mode is quite famous, and many people love to experiment with it, it's the next mode, making use of the GPS that incorporates the dron knows perfectly at all times where it is to the transmitter, therefore it is able Will automatically follow a simple touch of a button and the dorn will look at us and start following us. (following the Transmitter). I have tried the mode personally, and it is easy to use. Also it works quite well following you .. The recordings are already something else if you move very drone,because have no gimbal, as the image of the camera moves like the dron.

Headless Mode
This mod is undoubtedly an option that works really well on this dron, as its name implies, it does not matter where the dron head looks, rounding up to the controls by calculating exact guess with the knob, A very useful option if we have lost The orientation or if we are not yet very familiar with flights in normal mode. Tested and works perfect!


GPS Mode
If we want the dron besides its height to maintain its position in the sky, just activate the GPS switch and the dron know exactly where it is. With what will be able to maintain the position that we say without great difficulty.

Automatic Return (One Key to Return)
Well, this one, it is one of the most acclaimed especially by the most novice pilots, it serves as its name indicates, to make an automatic call of the dron, When you enter this mode, the computer on board takes absolute control of the dron And will come to where the Trnamistter is. Arriving to land at our feet if flight mode is not canceled at any time.


Fail-safe Mode:
This mode is especially interesting, the drone will enter Mode if it lose the connection to the transmitter at some point. For example, you run out of batteries, or out of range . Not to worry, the Hubsan h501s board computer will go into mode and set way back to the place where it takes off. Let's have a go! this is awesome.

Motors brushless
As it could not be otherwise, this drone is equipped with powerful brushless motors, silent and powerful enough to give a stable and fluid flight.

HD Recording
Well this quad in its bottom, has a place for micro SD card of up to a capacity of 32G, it creates the folders as of a camera will do, being able to shoot both photos and videos directly from the controller.


The battery:
It has a battery of 7.4v something impressive for the 20 minutes of flight that ensures the manufacturer. In my case the battery is lasting me about 17 or 18 minutes, per se of users who have reached more than 20, I do not know if it will depend on different manufacters of batteries, in my case it is not, but it is very tight Well the flight time.


Distance Range:
Well,here we have an excellent FPV dron with powerful engines and all these things that we like so much, now that is what we need ?? A good range of distance..
This dron also has it :) Impressive 300 meters out of the box. Not bad for a "toy grade", since we are talking about characteristics that only more expensive drones have. There are software updates out there that remove all these restrictions, getting to send the dron to more than 1,5km without any modification, An authentic nice toy!

Flight Range
H501S X4 has a broad set of useful and powerful features, a longer flight time than the average, a full FPV package, what else do we need? We need long range, and Hubsan delivers it! This drone has a surprising 300 meters, something of a long range considering other drones with its price. The only other toy manufacturer that is able to offer a control distance of 300 meters in a toy drone and still keep it at an affordable price is JJRC. The H501S X4 battery weighs 105 g and takes about 150 minutes in

This version in the ADVANCED command is very complete, you can see at all times full telemetry of the drone and transmitter, flight speed, dron height and even to the distance that is of us.

Video of First configuration:

Video Talking about the controller Advanced:

First flight video: (in spanish audio)

Links of purchase and others of interest:
Hubsan H501S X4 ADVANCE VERSION Blanc y *****!
Hubsan H501S X4 Standart Drone Blanco y ***** . Precioso!
Hubsan H501S X4 Brushless Drone ***** , con caracter!

original Spares and Accesories:

Use code : "Rc18off" for a extra discount

Improvements to 3D printing:
My other RC:

Technical specifications:
Brand: Hubsan H501S Advanced
Type: Quadcopter
Features: 5.8G FPV
Engine Type: Brushless Engine
Functions: Camera, Forward / backward, FPV, GPS location tracking, Headless Mode, Hot Point Following, One Key Automatic Return, Self altitudes and position hold, Turn left / right, Up / down
Built-in Gyro: 6 Axis Gyro
Material: Electronic Components, Plastic
Kit Types: RTF
Level: Advanced Level
Age: Above 14 years old


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Hi friends, one of the things I dont like of most today's drones is that they still use AA batteries, I do not understand why the manufacturers do not take the step and they simply do not add a rechargeable battery to the remote .
It does not make sense, especially talking of controls with two antennas, internal GPS and a full color screen. To stop this waste of AA batteries, I have put this battery to my Advanced control.

If you need one of these batteries for your control, you can find it here:

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Hello friends, I leave here some more videos that I have prepared with my hubsan :)

Unboxing antennas of greater range for advanced control:

Tutorial change of antenna in advanced control:

Test flight after modification with Hubsan H501s

A greeting and a good Sunday to everyone.


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Hello friends, I hope you all have good summer entry.

Here I leave some videos of the adventure I'm having with the hubsan .. He took a dip ahaha,

Part 1

part 2

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