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Hyperion charger

Hey does anyone have any knowledge of the Hyperion chargers, I have a Hyperion 1420i net charger and have not used it in a long while and have forgotten lots of knowledge I once had, now I am getting back into the hobby after 14 years and trying to use a parallel charging board with my old Hyperion chargers, I almost have it to the point where I need it, but could use a little help with a few questions, anyone willing to help feel free to message me. Please only respond if you have the time, I just am looking for some nice guys to give me a few pointers, thanks.
Hey no worries thanks,I appreciate the reply. Right now. I am just looking to get in touch and skype with a few guys that have a good handle on the whole picture, if you dont do that stuff its really fine I will keep looking for some guys that are able to. Thanks again and much appreciated.
Thanks got the manual, its not exactly clear some features are a little bit unclear, also wanted to skype and just get some ideas throwing around , again thanks and no worries I completed understand you do not have skype ill keep looking. Thanks though.