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I am new and i need help :/


Im new to scratch building and i want to build an Cessna 208.
I already made the wing (its the wing from a C337: https://www.flitetest.com/articles/cessna-skymaster )
but i dont know how to make plans for the fuselage. I know it has to be 70cm long since the wing is 89cm.
can someone help me with plans?
I have one big potato computer that cant run fancy programs like photoshop or Fusion 360 D:

thanks for your time,



Well-known member
Many people draw in Google Sketchup. That’s web based too so doesn’t need mega processing power. Pencil and ruler also needs no computer!
Most people start from a side profile view and use that to start creating the fuselage, most FT types have a 3 sided box fuselage with a top plate, with or without a turtle deck. Don’t forget to size it to fit your preferred power pod.