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i need help for a scratch build

luke k

Active member
i want to build a micro EDF but i cant find any units 25mm or smaller and i need a elevon flight controller. (please help me and comment)
If you are new to RC planes, I wouldn't recommend scratch building an EDF because it might get a little frustrating, but if you are experienced then look on this site, it might have something you are looking for. (sry if you already started building it, just saw the post)


Elite member
I can only endorse Ranger_107's comment.
Building any EDF is quite a challenge and a micro one even more so. Tricky to build, difficult to find the right components and even harder to get to fly. Of course it can be done with the right level of skill and experience.
Have you built and flown RC or perhaps a 'bigger' EDF?
I would say do a 30-40mm EDF and then keep the plans for the plane, which you can laterbuild a little smaller with a 25mm EDF for the plane.
for a glider let me look for a second.