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I didn't find a specific slot for places I could post that I need help. So I put it here on "Everything Flitetest". I need help with Elevons. I got them mixed correctly (pretty sure) in the DX6i. I looked at two videos who told me to do the same thing, so it should be mixed correctly. But how do I plug in my two servos (HXT900's) into my receiver? (Spektrum 4 channel)? Please help me out soon!


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I'm assuming you are doing a wing, so left elevon servo will plug into aileron channel and right elevon servo will plug into elevator channel. If you are doing a normal 4 channel plane, you will need at least a 5 channel Rx.


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Another note: if it's not working quite right, reverse the elevator and/or aileron channels. If it's still not right, then switch which servo is plugged into the elevator with the one plugged into the ailerons. You have to test it out to know for sure how it's set up. It depends on how you have the servos mounted.
Thank you guys! I got it to work! had a great maiden on my f-22 raptor scratch build! put a giant prop on it to see what it could do first time and It did amazing. And then I crashed using a smaller prop and it's sitting in my garage in pieces! But now I know how! so that you all!