I received a room full of RC planes, let’s play.


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A while ago I went to my daugther's school to give an enriching parent lesson, of course I decided to talk about RC planes and created NerdNic's Chugstang gliders with them.


On that same day the guard at her school couldn't help but notice the cardboard box I was carrying with all the things I needed for the lesson. On the way out we had a bit of a chat which at the end of it I was invited to come and take a room full of RC goodies. There was only one condition though you take it all or nothing! So one day I went over and took everything. The car was packed that not even a needle could fit in.

Here is a video of the guy behind this generous gift.

It took me a day or two to get everything sorted out and organized but eventually I did.

Here is a quick loot at the fleet that I got from a vlog I made about a month and a half ago.

Each of the models I got needs checking before flying. Also some of the models will be a first timer for me so I'm excited to start my journey. I will use this thread to go through each of the models I received.


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The first plane I will be playing with is the Carbon Falcon by AceSim RC. This plane is really light weighted and can be folded into as thin as 5x5cm wide and about 35-40 cm long. The model is made out of a kite like material which is part of the reason it is so light. The fuselage is made out of carbon fiber rods connected to a super unique surface control mechanism.

The model is setup with a 18a ESC and 9x4.5 prop and motor which I can’t recognize, but I assume it’s a 1700kv motor because that’s what’s written on it.


I have flown it before making the video which made me do a few fixes to it while making the video. Any how here is the video.

Fixing and Flying the Carbon Falcon by AceSim RC. An Indoor/Outdoor RC flying BAT!

To sum up this is a great indoor and outdoor wing easy to transport and very resistant to crashes. It’s got to be flown in calm days otherwise it’s just not all that fun. On calm days tough it can glide forever. It can easily be flown in small parks and gyms. Great plane to have around when you want to chill out and definitely a plane I am happy to have in my fleet.


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A while ago I joined a few WhatsApp RC related groups and made a few new friends. One of which also lives in the same city as me and has been coming to the field with me these last 3 Saturdays straight. Today the guy while I wasn’t looking literally throws a bunch of RC planes in the trunk of my car and says; they are just packing up dust over at my place and I know you’ll make them fly again. please take them and make them a project.

So people you know me I love planes and I love projects and there seems like I got a lot of them at the moment. So without further a due I got some planes to fix, videos to make and content to share with you all.

Here is a quick glance at the new recruits.


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A moment before I post the video of fixing and flying the Unicorn Wing by Unicorn Wings here is a sneak peak of the next model I’ll be fixing. The Filip 600 Sport. Technically a slope soarer, but since I have zero experience with slope soaring I’ll probably just maiden it on a windy day.


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Alright folks this is a moment you've been waiting for or to be more exact I've been waiting for to post the video of the Unicorn Wing by Unicorn Wings. Special thanks to @Tench745 for finding so information about the model for me :).

This model is super stable and is very durable. It’s made out of molded foam so it bounces on a crash just to be picked up and tossed into the air again. I know you probably cant buy one anymore but if you can I’d really recommend holding one of these in you fleet :). I also made my Unicorn Wing FPV because of it’s great floating ability at low speeds. Which makes it a great platform for cruising FPV allowing you to figure out where you are with a slower response time.

Anyhow here is the video.


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Pretty much along the same design parameters I have the Assasin from Crash Test Hobbies. They have a video of them crashing straight into a brick wall pick it up and throw it right back into the air. I can vouche for how tough there wings are.