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incident at 2100 feet ,


Senior Member
Well it happened , Im hit bye some wind shear hard !
My Onboard Altitude reads about 2100 feet when it all gos wrong
Here it is in HD ,
Do not watch if you get sick easy !

this Super cub is in the trauma ward, .............


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
OUCH! :) I enjoy seeing Washington even if it is spinning. I have not seen a tree or mountain or stream in person since I left it in 1995. :(



Senior Member
awesome :eek:

That's an unfortunate event but a sweet video of it. That's definitely the coolest on board crash video I've ever seen.
I saw bigfoot too , and as I put my foot in my poo , lol can i say that ?

But I hope I do not have video like this one for a long time.


ARG=almost ready to glue
I didn't see Bigfoot, but I did get just a bit of vomit on my keyboard. Very unfortunate. For your Cub AND my keyboard.