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Help! Is it possible to crate an antenna tracker with only 1 receiver and not gps?

I have been working on the plans for a 1.2 ghz fpv antenna tracker for long range missions. It will have a 10 element yagi antenna and a range of about 15 miles. I plan on measuring the rssi values from the receivers with an arduino board and programming it to run a servo aiming the antenna horizontally. Is it possible to use only 1 receiver as opposed to using two or three different receivers? This is to try to cut down costs for the whole project.


Old and Bold RC PILOT
There was a single Rx direction finding technique which was so effective that it was used in airtraffic control. It is extremely old tech now but you might be able to find some info about it still. It was called CADF. (Commutated Antenna Direction Finder). I was trained on it over 40 years ago but like most old memories it has faded. By the way it did not use RSSI but the phase of the received signal.

Have fun!