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Japanese Zero w/ Swappable Pod


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Hey Guys:

I have to say that admire the builds and your jokes on each other. Now I was inspired by your swappable series, so I took it to another level. I decided to build a Japanese Zero and use a modified pod with two 9 gram servos.... I started the drawings and will post the as soon as I can.......
Hey guys: Been away for awhile, I was working very hard getting my wife's business going. So I am back and focused on the Zero....

All the cuts were done by hand.

Anyone have any advice on this project?
This is very cool. I see you have some inspiration from SEMFF plans. Ken is very talented and his planes are awesome to build, fly and watch flying. Hope you got these finished, I have been hoping someone would tackle a Zero.


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are you build it out of DTF? if so did you take the paper off, and do you have any advice I try to do the same thing with the Mig 3


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If the paper doesn't come off easily (it usually will, but how well it's bonded is a manufacturing variation), a good dose of humidity will do the trick. Some people spray on water or alcohol to loosen the paper, but it's easier to bring a sheet into the bathroom when you have a nice hot shower. If the mirror fogs up, it'll likely peal off cleanly after a few minutes in there.


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I was wondering...
If the servos are in the pod, how do you get the pod out to change, charge or hook up the battery? Or is everything accessible from the cockpit?