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Help! Jumper T16 + Crossfire Lite = Fuel Telemetry?

Hi guys!

For stability and hopefully a safer tx to rx connection, i switched to crossfire lite and nano rx se..

thankfully, my switching experience was smooth, i did not bend any pins on the module slot, etc. plug it in, follow the instructions on upgrading the firmware, soldered the csrf rx se, bound it and viola!! everything works fine, and im getting all sorts of telemetry data (im on bf 4.1).

i played around with lua telemetry scripts, so i can further utilize my jt16 screen real estate (see attachment).

the lua telemetry script was awesome! but it keeps on giving me Battery/Fuel warning.. upon power, it will read out 80% then in less than 30 seconds it will be 0. when i arm, radio will go crazy on Battery alarm, so i got no choice but to remove the widget.

now this is bugging me. lol.. what is the "fuel" telemetry? i have all sorts of csrf telemetry field, but i dont have fuel? how do i get around this with my setup?

thank you guys in advance!