Jumper T18 Lite Questions

I recently picked up a Jumper t18 lite from grayson hobby to replace my aging dx6. I am still learning OpenTX but have a few questions I’m hoping more experienced Jumper owners can help me with. For reference, the t18 lite uses the jumper 4in1.

1. Initially, when flying my umx pt17 that I used as a trial plane, I was constantly getting “RX signal low” or “RX signal critical” all the time. I reached out to grayson and they said since the radio uses the “analog” way of measuring rssi, and since spektrum uses digital packet, that I could just turn off the telemetry alarms. I did so, and the plane flew fine in the small park I am in. My only concern is most of my planes are BNf from horizon, and I don’t want any signal issues on my More expensive models. What is an acceptable range test figure for these? And how would I properly go about range testing? I see the option on the radio but all I know is next to the plane I get about 90 and it goes down as I move away. Unsure what an acceptable number is and want to get that settled before I bind any larger planes

2. Is there anything in particular I should know binding BNF/DSMx planes to the jumper 4 in 1? All my planes as of now use DSM2/X protocol.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time