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Jumpy Throttle!!!

I'm completely new to RC and recently completed my first mini quad. I took it out for my maiden flight and it flew fine except for the fact that the throttle would jump by its self. It would jerk upwards almost a foot and the motors sounded like a dog barking when it happened. It wasn't always all 4 motors at the same time, most of the time it was one at a time. I would appreciate any ideas on why this would happen. My setup is:
-ZMR 250 Frame
-Rotorgeeks SSD FC
-Matek PDB-XT60 w/BEC 5V & 12V
-Sunrise Cicada 30A BB2
-Rotorgeeks 7075 Series 2204 2300kv motors
-HQ Tri-Blade 5x4 props
-a buzzer
-an addressable LED strip
-FrSky XSR Receiver
-Taranis Q X7,

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Something else to try - if you're running a DSHOT ESC protocol, try MultiShot instead. I was having similar problems with those ESC's and that ended up being the fix for me.

Edit: You'll also have to calibrate the ESC's using the motors tab in Betaflight
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