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just bought a bunch of electronics, need connectors


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Hey guys, I'm just new to the hobby, and seem to have made a rookie mistake.

I've just bought a bunch of electronics to go in my swappable plane i'm making, all the electronics seem fine, however the speed control and the motor dont actually come with plugs.

In all the videos i've seen, in all the forum posts i've seen, in all the tutorials i've found no one mentions the plugs they use between their motor and esc, and their esc and their battery. I just assumed they came with them as standard. but NOPE.

so looks like it'll be another 2 or so weeks before i'll get a chance to fly as I need to buy some more stuff, (lame)

What type of connector would you suggest between the motor and the esc?

My battery comes with a connector (why doesnt everything else... grrr) and its a super tiny thin red one.
this is my battery http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=9187

Can you please help me out guys?
Also is there any trick to adding these connectors to the wires? I haven't done any soldering since early highschool (quite a while ago)


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That small red plug on your battery is called a JST plug. Depending on the size of the motor and ESC wires, you'll probably want the 3.5mm bullet connectors here.

For the battery end of the ESC, you'll either need the (male?) JST plug to fit your battery, or do as most people do and change the connector on the battery to either a Deans or XT-60. I started with Deans on everything and switched over to XT-60.

The Deans connectors are sometimes called T-plugs: http://www.headsuprc.com/servlet/the-461/T-dsh-Plug-Connectors--dsh--/Detail

XT-60 connectors here...you may be able to find them from another source if you search: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/...0_Connectors_Male_Female_5_pairs_GENUINE.html
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I am with bikemonkey on this. I use XT-60 and 3.5mm bullets. They are just the easiest to solder, and the connections are very high quality. As far as the soldering goes, I fill up the little cup on the XT-60 with solder and then heat it up and stick in the tinned tip of the wire. Shrink up the shrink wrap, and you are good to go. I found the technique on youtube, but cannot look up the video right now, unfortunately. As far as soldering the 3.5mm bullets, get something that you can use to hold the bullet while you solder it. An alligator clip or something.

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I only use the 3.5mm bullets on large equipment. On most things indoor I use the 2mm because they are smaller and lighter. I also use the XT60's. I was using the EC3's that come on e-filte stuff but since all my batteries come with XT60's I just switched everything over to match them. All my small stuff is JST connectors.


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Thanks for the tips guys, really appreciate it. I'll try to duck down to my local hobby shop this weekend to get some connectors.

When attaching the battery wires to the XT-60 (or deans if my hobbyshop doesnt have xt-60s), how do i know which side i should connect the red wire and the black wire to?. is there a standard I should stick with?


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Do not cut both battery wires at the same time! You'll short out your brand new battery.

Cut one, cover it with electrical tape, cut the other.

I started with Deans and now I'm regretting it. I've had to make a little custom tool just to get the little buggers apart. I'd go with the XT60s.
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I too like the XT60s. The only problem is that my local hobby shops don't carry them and refer to them as those cheap Chinese plugs.
So I keep my eyes open for other sources.


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yeah, sometimes the 'local hobby shop' mentality really pisses me off. cant we just all be friends? its a small enough hobby already without separations.


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I got some XT60's because I was having issues getting some of my Deans apart also, only to find that the XT60's can be just as hard, so I'm sticking with the Deans and keeping the XT's for spares...
I know it is excessive, but I use Traxxas High Current connectors on EVERYTHING now. (ESC's and Batts)

These things are bigger than most, but between my RC planes, cars, trucks, boats and airsoft replicas, I can use any battery I own, anywhere, at any time, and you would be hard pressed to find a hobby store that does not have them, be they online or LHS, unless they are just out of stock.
That and most common to high dollar chargers will come with a plug for these connectors too.


I understand this might not be a popular choice for some (many) people,
but it beats me having to fabricate/carry around a dozen adapters for all my personal "stuff".

I never trusted Deans style connectors because of the way the wire NEEDS to have shrink wrap applied,
as in no "hooding" for the wire inside the connector. No matter how good or careful people are,
99% of the pics I see on the net have some degree of bare wire at the connector.
Having run RC land/water vehicles for over 35 years, I know how easy it is to pick up some type of
debris that can short that bare connection, no mater how small it might be.
Not that it will effect RC aircraft as much, but hey, when they crash, they do it into the
same ground my land vehicles run on, and that's where my fatal/shorting debris came from, yes?

With all of that said, my Tower Hobbies Warbird collection, (Hellcat/Mustang/Corsair) >

Please see warbirds:


< all came with SuperTigre style connectors, which I found to be easier to solder and well shielded.
If I had a second choice, the ST connectors would be it, but like I mentioned,
EVERYBODY/every hobby shop has the Traxxas connectors when you need something in a pinch.

On the other hand, The TX cons do need a practiced hand to solder properly,
and maintain inside-of-con shielding, but the addition of a tiny piece of shrink tube there just
adds to my confidence, and it's not needed as a rule, where I might also add a touch of Liquid Electrical Tape.
(which on Deans cons has no good place to "flow into" a cavity.

I know I am a fringe explorer doing things this way, but I made my choice years ago,
and have never shorted a BATT/ESC/ con since, or have I looked back.

Just speaking my mind in a "IMHO" fashion... YMMV
It all came down to a positive availability and compatibility issue for me............
Not to mention Josh Bixler's "Big 'Ole Man Hands" could get a better grip on these puppies!
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I started this thread a year ago, in the last year I've never even seen these traxis plugs, I like the xt60s cause they come on the batteries I buy, and are easy to pull apart.

It's cool to read my noobie questions, as I can see how far I've come in 1 year with all my knowledge I've acquired and all my flying.

I you're reading this and you're a noob, trust me, you'll get better, much quicker than you realise :)
I started this thread a year ago, in the last year I've never even seen these traxis plugs, I like the xt60s cause they come on the batteries I buy, and are easy to pull apart.

It's cool to read my noobie questions, as I can see how far I've come in 1 year with all my knowledge I've acquired and all my flying.

I you're reading this and you're a noob, trust me, you'll get better, much quicker than you realise :)

Traxxas High Current plugs are FAR more common on RC cars, trucks and boats,
and I think I might be the only guy in the world that uses them on RC aircraft.... ???

But if you have never known of a Traxxas High Current connector, you are STILL a noob! LOL!

It is nice to know that a question somebody posted a year ago gets attention again tho.
That means it was relevant to someone even after all that time, and they are reading over
all the posts they can get their eyes on, where other, less friendly forums would have tens of people
scold one for reviving a "dead thread", and yet some others would yell at a guy for not referring to the older thread.

I always try to remember, it is not old news if it is the first time somebody hears about it.
And that is what a beginner runs into a lot. That and guys who fly for a year and somehow don't
realize they are still noobs too..........
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