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Keep the speed up...

So my 1.3m valiant was the poor victim of my flying. Got a little slow on the turn to final on a windy day and it didn’t end well. I’m guessing stall/spin by the way it hit. So, to rebuild or not?

I like the tooth pick idea. The wing spar is okay. It’s the battery box I’m wondering about. It’s pretty twisted up. CA and toothpicks might be the way.


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The battery box didn’t look to bad but the picture may not show all the damage. Some fiberglass & CA may work.


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I've repaired worse ones than that. I use foam-safe cyanocacrylate glue. I put the glue on and put the two parts together. When I'm happy with the fit, I give a quick spray with the activator while I hold it, which sets it in seconds, then on to the next piece of the jigsaw. Sometimes, there's a piece missing, no matter how careful I am to pick up all the pieces after the crash, so I cut a clean shape in the area of the missing piece, then make a piece to fit out of the eps packaging that came with my last TV.
The rebuild is well underway. I’ve got most of the airframe together and the wings done. Battery box is together but needs to be glued back in. She ain’t as pretty as she was before but I think she’ll fly just fine. I’ll get some pictures when I’m done. I may get to fly it on Monday if the weather holds (and hopefully creeps over 0c...)
Well, she ain’t as pretty as she was before, but I think she’ll fly. Now let’s hope I get a break in the weather so I can try her out. Or maybe it’s time to get some skis.