Kentucky Tennessee FT Fans?

I'm in Ocoee TN.

It's 20 minutes from Cleveland and about 45 from Chattanooga.
I'm new too flying. Building my first plane soon.


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Nashville, TN (La Vergne area)

New to Flite Test and planes, have a FT Sportster speed build kit on order, and just printed the plans for the FT-22. Used to fly a HK-450GT heli, although not very well. Never really went past learning to hover, and fly slow circles.


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Murfreesboro Tennessee Here, or Actually Christiana right outside of Murfreesboro

Hey Guys,
I Live in Christiana, Tennessee about 6 miles south on 231 from Murfreesboro. I am a member of MPRC Flying Club. Glad to see other Middle Tennesseans on here. I actually teach high school in Gordonsville, Tennessee about 63 miles from here. If you are wondering why I drive so far, it is because Gordonsville is my hometown and they needed a Head Football Coach about 9 years ago and I was offered the job. I have started a RC club at Gordonsville called the "Flying Tigers." The Tiger is our mascot. Sure would like to hook up with some of you Middle Tennessee FT Flyers. My parents live in East Tennessee in Morristown about 45 miles from Knoxville. Good to see you all here!!!! Oh, you guys from Spring Hill, my roommate in College at Middle Tennessee State University was Ricky Harris from Spring Hill. I also played Football with Spooke Spickard from Spring Hill there also.
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I'm a Nashvillain, and new to the hobby. I've been avoiding the Metro Parks fields on weekends because I don't really want to have to worry about lots of other people being in the flight pattern while I fly. But I'd be happy to meet up with other folks in the area on weekdays in the late afternoons to fly.

Also, if anyone in Nashville wants to split a box of the FliteTest WR foamboard, PM me!
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ong time Surface RC'er here in Chattanooga. Totally new to flight but I've wanted to for years and I'm all in now!!
Hey Aire Boss , PM me if you want to meet up and fly sometime!


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Another Louisville FT fan here. Anyone from Louisville interested in meeting up and flying, I'm in the Fern Creek area and fly at Charlie Vetner park. Huge field there good for belly landers.


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Howdy Gents,

Hixson / Chattanooga TN area, working on getting my son involved. If you're in the area give me a shout!


Barry K Smith

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Kingsport, TN The area I refer to as ET, the weirdness shows signs of alien abductions and cast offs. I am a designer/scratch builder.


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I'm more or less in the Nashville area as well. 'Bout an hour east. IF anyone's got a line on a field that hasn't banned glow power and a Futaba buddybox cable I might be willin' to meet up with a NexSTAR!