Kk2.1 version 1.5 auto un-level!!!!


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So today I came across some problems with my kk2.1. While taking my quad out for some spring flying.
Im running v1.5 with camera stabilization and the quad is balanced along with blades. With Auto level off everything works fine , beside what is stated below.

When im in auto level I can bring the quad up and have it stay roughly level (what a kk2 should do). after I rip around for abit and bring it in for a hover it feels like it forgets where level is, heavily pulling to a side. Usually if im flying fast forward and come to a stop it will want tilt forward out of level, vise versa for traveling backwards. the same scenario for trucking left and right.

I can reteach it level by keeping it in a hover for about 10 seconds or by "shaking some sense into it" with a series of quick stick movements.

I figured I could do some sensor checks to start somewhere. My idea was to hook my camera gimbal up to my quad and tune it just right. When I tilted the quad the gimbal tilted appropriately but then something happened to my surprise.

When I hold the quad at an angle the gimbal will start drifting back to center instead of holding its attitude and when I returned the aircraft back to level the gimbal was overcompensated In the opposite direction.
With auto level off the gimbal still drifts.

Any ideas?


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I wonder if t he gimbal code is bleeding into autolevel? Have you tried without the gimbal code running?


skunkworx hobbies
Do u know what, it only started after I added the gimbal. Humm I wonder when I update to the new firmware on Monday(hk order will be in) if it will stop.