Laser Tag on RC airplane (EN/FR)


Hi everyone,

I've never seen someone in the RC hobby who never thought doing flight combat, am against arming RC or putting anything who can harm people so here is my challenge for you guys : making a Laser Tag RC flight combat.

J.Scott would be happy for once having laser guns on RC plane :D

here is some ideas on which I will be working :
-laser tag system (one for each airplane)
-target on the airplane (made with photo-resistor)
-shooting button on the transmitter (we can use a prog switch)

some extra ideas :
-bind the tag system to cut-off the throttle when the plane is shot x time (really take it down :cool: )
-include the sight with the FPV OSD (WYSIWYS : what you see is what you shoot)
-add head tracker to the laser gun
-add sound effect to the shot and hit

i know this is a crazy idea but imagine what does it feel when you're wearing your goggles and you're in the combat

I really want you guys and the Flite Test crew to take a moment to think about this idea and have your feedback.

thanks & enjoy


Salut à tous,

Je n'ai jamais vu quelqu'un dans l'Aéromodélisme qui n'a jamais eu l'idée de faire du combat aérien, je suis contre le fait d'armer ou de mettre quelque chose qui peut nuire aux gens alors voici mon défi pour vous les gars: [color = "# 0000FF"] faire un Laser Tag Modèle RC [/ COLOR].

J.Scott serait heureux d'avoir pour une fois des armes sur un modèle RC: D

voici quelques idées sur lesquelles je vais travailler:
-système laser tag (un pour chaque avion)
-cible sur l'avion (à base de photo-résistance)
bouton de tir sur l'émetteur (nous pouvons utiliser un des switch de l'émetteur)

quelques idées supplémentaires:
-lier le système de tag pour couper les gaz lorsque l'avion est abattu x fois (pour plus de réalisme : cool :)
-inclure la visée dans l'OSD
-ajouter un mécanisme head track pour le pistolet laser
-ajouter un effet sonore au tri et à l'impact

Je sais que c'est une idée folle mais imaginez ce que ça fait quand vous porterez vos lunettes et que vous serez dans le combat

J'attends votre feedback.

merci et profiter


mate that'd be awesome. maybe rather than cut the throttle completely when you're 'shot down' maybe limit it to 20% that way the pilot can have a hope of landing it safely.

I really love this idea.


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Monkey, that's perfect!

Put on high watt lasers and the winner is the last one in the air!

shame though, losers would only get one flight . . .


i like this idea!!! you could easily re purpose an x-port system from a horizon hobbies plane (might be a hobby zone.. i cant remember) and rig it next to the fpv camera on a gimble.


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TNRC: Well Done! I came up with this idea independently and have been thinking about it for months but it seems you created this thread before I had thought of it myself!

I believe this idea is not at all ridiculous and is totally feasible. Having said that, I have come up with some more ideas to make sure it is totally ridiculous:

Build a biplane with a rear-gunner like the one in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
(If you can get a plucked and decapitated turkey to fly an airplane you got this in the bag)

The concept of DIY laser tag is already on the radar of the open-source community:

Have the biplane be FPV piloted, but also have an FPV/Laser-tag gimbal that serves as the rear-gunner turret.
Basically, it would take two FPV "pilots", one being the gunner, to operate the plane.

Since FPV bandwidth is limited, the rear-gunner biplane's opponent could be a single pilot plane equipped with the same laser tag system, just like the last crusade!

Think about it! Bixler piloting the biplane, Josh Scott manning the laser-tag turret, and David trying to gun them both down using a laser-tag equipped FT racer or FT Spitfire!

Seriously guys this is possible! Not to mention a safe alternative to what most people think of when considering RC air-to-air Combat! Cough-RCExplorer-Cough-fireworks-Cough!.

I know it seems complicated because nobody has done it yet, but it will happen sooner or later. Heck, I may do it if nobody else does.
BUT, I believe in the guys from Flitetest. They have the resources and talent to make this happen, and to be the first ones to do it! Not to mention the video production that may create the coolest FPV videos ever recorded!


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I like the two gunners idea. I was thinking it would be awesome to have it all FPV and instead of the throttle be cut or anything, just set up a counter on how many times you were hit that is visible on the FPV monitor. Either have an honor system where if you are hit three times then you have to clearly tell everyone else "I'm out" then fly it back home. OR have a time limit, five minutes of combat, then look at the counters to see who got hit the least. With the five minutes of combat, you can set up a counter on the plane which would be a lot easier than onto the monitor.

This might actually be a really good business opportunity. Build and sell devices that shot the lasers and the targets with counters. It would be awesome to have it count how many times you where hit by different people. Like, red hit blue three times. green hit blue five times. type of thing.

I know this is all possible and it would be a lot of fun. Not sure on if there is a market for it when streamers are cheaper.

I think the cheapest/easiest way to do all of this would be to just buy a couple of tanks with the infrared lights and censors. It's already programed with sounds and throttle cut, I think. But you could maybe wire it to turn on a bright LED instead of throttle cut.

Oh, I know! Do this all at night and when you're hit three times your lights turn off. Or each time you get hit it turns off some of your lights. (With 'emergency back up' lights so you can see well enough to safely land, of course.)


Finally I could get access to the forum...
It seem that this post is dead, let's try to get it back to life?!

This video shows some details of my prototipe...
I was working on the same project when the video came out!


I’m currently using ATMega328 uC.
Not arduino based, simply atmelStudio.
Opensource is a choice not a must.
Several companies don’t make opensource code.


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I’m currently using ATMega328 uC.
Not arduino based, simply atmelStudio.
Opensource is a choice not a must.
Several companies don’t make opensource code.
I know I am just saying that I prefer open source....... what are you using as your "guns"