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Li-Po Battery charger questions

Introduced ourselves last week. Our sons(12 and 11 years old) are getting into this hobby, and we appreciate the help here. Have been looking a ton into Li-Po batteries and safety. So, we get the importance of correctly charging. We bought this charger: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B084VPQQPJ/?tag=lstir-20. The problem I'm having is knowing what to set the charger to for charging it. I pasted images of the charger and battery we're charging. The problem I'm having is the setting for Li-Po balance charging has different fields than other chargers. I don't know what the two numbers at the bottom are for. I've seen it said to charge at 1c for these batteries. But, I don't think that's what the c=02200mAH is referring to on this screen. I "think" the c= here means the capacity of the battery? Then what does the A at the right mean? What do we set it to? Just want to make sure we set it correctly. It does pop up a 3s at the top right when we plug in the battery, and doesn't change anything else on the screen. Hope this all makes sense, and we apologize for such questions being such newbies! The paperwork that came with the charger is not much help at all. :-( Any help is extremely appreciated!
Yes, that's what I thought. But, it's weird as both of those fields(on the bottom of the screen) can be changed to different numbers. So why would you set both for the same numbers? I thought maybe one of them was for something different?


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I agree with Merv but the nomenclature is a bit confusing as in this case the "C" refers to the capacity of the battery selected. The figure on the right is the charge rate selected.
It is left up to the user to decide in the charge rate selected is appropriate for the size of the battery.