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Looking for a cheap micro heli to carry a keychain cam


Elemental Madness
I would love a cheap little micro heli that I could mount my #11 keychain cam on. I'm looking for something that could possibly bind with my frsky module in my 9x, so either a bnf or something where I can put an external receiver in. Any ideas? I'm also thinking I might want to do short range fpv with it with a tiny little 5.8ghz system possibly, but that would require a much larger heli..
Any ideas welcome!
BTW, it looks like 120 size is what I'm looking for. I think...
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My v949 hauls keychain very easily as well. Basically just a 929 with a different body shell, lights for night flying and a little more stable then the 929. If you have a Turnigy 9x transmitter you can bind the transmitter to either of them and use that instead of the little toy transmitter that comes with the RTF version. You can save a couple bucks and buy extra batteries instead with the BNF versions.