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Looking for an old RC Kit / Balsa Stik

In the late 90's I had purchased a four channel balsa Stik in I think a .40 size with sheeted/foam core wings. Unfortunate circumstances led me to having to dispose of the kit before I finished it. I'm a touch bitter, and I'm looking to find that same kit, but I can't find the same thing. There's a great planes version, but it doesn't have the same style. I've searched, and I can't find that same kit anywhere. Might anyone have a heads up as to where one may be purchased?
Radical Rc has stick kits in .40 size called the Stick 600. Haven't built one of their kits yet, but people seem to post good things about them.


I had a .40 ARF stick in the 90s too. I think from Tower Hobbies. Was a real joy.....for exactly one flight. Apparently you can't land a Stick with a big heavy .40 the same way you land a Kadet Seniorita. Straight to airplane heaven.
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