Hybrid power systems


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I haven't posted here since four jobs ago... but I figured this would be the place to ask (even if I have NO IDEA which topic to post under). I am looking for electric systems, but gas powered... so neither of those categories work on their own. Electric battery and charging systems seems to... stationary. So here I am in Mad Builder's corner.

I'm looking for information on getting generator heads for hybrid drones and RC systems. I have seen several hybrid generators for RC, but they're all complete systems, engine and DC generator head. When I look for generator heads I get bulky, underpowered cylinders for home generators or small wind turbines. What I need are the more space efficient pancake heads on the generators like these:

Without spending $15k, the specs and manuals seem to be closed off from me getting to identifying marks or listed replacements, and I'm pretty sure not all of them are making custom generator heads from scratch. Someone has a supplier somewhere...

If there's an alternative motor that I can use as a generator that would also be acceptable, but I can't find anything other than BLDC in the scales I am looking for, which I'm finding is not usable as a generator (according to any source I can find). I will be hooking it up to a custom gas build. For the smaller scales I still end up with bulky motors or generator heads that protrude too far.

I'm not building strictly for air, so weight is not the biggest concern at this point while I work on proof-of-concept in my design. What I need is compact build for size.

I've searched the forums here, or attempted to, but can't find "hybrid" mentioned outside of construction or materials. I'm looking at hybrid power systems, or specifically the electric generation part of hybrid power systems.

Power is preferred above 1kw... but I'm willing to start much smaller as proof-of-concept if I can at least get a hold of a vendor for these things going forward...