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Looking to get in the hobby

Iv tried all the other RC thing (gas cars/electric cars/electric tanks) but none of them caught my eye as I kept crashing them all iv still got the tank though.

I have recently got a RC helicopter (a trainer one) and im getting the hang of it so I am looking to move, to
multirotors and don't know where to start.
I wold like to make my own one if possible.

does any one know a good place in the UK where I can get parts from the are good quality and relatively cheep?


Faster than a speeding faceplant!
Welcome to the forum and the multirotor party!

I recommend you buy a cheap plastic toy to start with. The Zyma X1 or the Nano are popular options. They fly differently than a helicopter so I recommend learning on them first.

Crashing a $50 toy that is so light it bounces off stuff is far different from crashing your $200 copter that you spent a week building and breaking both the copter and whatever you hit.

YOU WILL CRASH. I learned on a Zyma and I have still cratered my AnyCopter so badly I shattered three of four booms. I love the build so I was flying again in an hour.

Hobby King is where many of us buy parts. They do list a UK warehouse but I have no idea how good it is.

One of the finest aspects of Flite Test is that their mission is to promote the hobby. Therefore the plans are available for free. You can buy a kit or you can print the plans, go to the hardware store and buy parts to build your own.


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