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Maiden flight of my HobbyKing Galaxy

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Well here it is. I LOVE this plane!! It flies so precisely and hovers ridiculously easy. This plane makes me look good. I don't like the stock prop and that's going to be changed soon, probably the motor too since it's acting up but I have nothing bad to say about the way this plane flies. I think it will benefit from some mixing and I'll be looking into that to make it even sharper.

really nice flying !! congratz !!

Im planning what to do with my spares ( yet ! ) and i came with this yak54 EPP profile Kit, I believe its similar to the galaxy, would you care to point out what the differences are ? and what do you suggest as a setup for the yak ? whats the setup you have on the galaxy ?

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Thanks Andre. I'm still learning. I sacrificed my first UMX 4-Site to get there. I just got another 4-Site and I'm trying to do more precision 3D with these two instead of the usual do anything to keep it one piece flying lol. It's an amazing plane and it's so much easier to look good flying it than my Hobbyking Hawk. The hawk was a good trainer but has too much wing loading to be precise in such a small area.

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
really nice flying !! congratz !!

Im planning what to do with my spares ( yet ! ) and i came with this yak54 EPP profile Kit, I believe its similar to the galaxy, would you care to point out what the differences are ? and what do you suggest as a setup for the yak ? whats the setup you have on the galaxy ?
The kit came with a motor but I'm probably going to swap it for a Turnigy park 300 and 9x5 slow fly prop.

I'm using Hobbyking digital servos

Turnigy Nanotech 2S 460 batteries and Turnigy 500 batteries.

Hobbyking ESC

And an Orange Rx Spektrum receiver.

So far I have no complaints with any of it except that the stock prop sucks, and the stock motor seems to be resistant to starting up. Once it's spinning it responds nicely and has plenty of power, but sometimes it doesn't want to spin up initially.

If you are looking at a yak of about the same size I would definitely go with this setup again. The heavy duty servos are probably overkill but it's very difficult to replace them so I wanted something tuff.


Senior Member
great flying, thats a nice gym for indoor flying, almost seems small for that plane? but I guess once you know what your doing you could fly it in a phone booth lol. I have seen one in person before but not in the air, seems to handle really well, and at low speed too. very cool.
Sorry to crash into your topic, AK !!

this is what im planning; plz comment if i made any bad choice:

YAK 54

28-12 motor (I have this already)

other options


Turnigy L2215J-900 Brushless Motor (200w)

30A esc with 3A ubec

9g servos HXT900


9x4,7 / 9x3,8 / 8x6 slow fly ---- or 8x6 apc

1000 mAh zippy compact 3S 35C

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
That's a really cool looking plane. I wouldn't compare that plane to my galaxy though, it's about the same size but with a lot less surface and it's three times heavier. I would compare it more to this one that I fly.

http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/...PO_R_C_Plane_w_ESC_and _Brushless_Motor.html

This plane isn't as big but it's not as heavy. My best guess is that the yak you're looking at will fly a little slower but have the same general characteristics.

Here's a video of me flying it in lots of wind and not enough expo.

This is my favorite plane to fly in wind by far. However, it's got too much wing loading and it's too fast and flimsy to be precise enough to be a good indoor plane. I still fly it indoors but the galaxy is much more fun inside.

One thing I notice is that your plane calls for a 1400 motor but it's running on 11.1 instead of 7.4 like mine so it's going to end up about the same. I would bet that a 8x4 would do fine, but when I really have the most fun with mine is with a 9x6. The difference is incredible.

I think that the 2812 is going to be too small. I would find something that will swing at least an 8x4 prop. I think that the 2215 is too heavy, I would go with the 2822 and a 9x4 prop to start but with that motor I think you'll end up around a 9x6. Maybe a 10x5. Bigger props produce more torque roll when you are trying to hover, but they also pull you out of things easier and hover easier if you have the ailerons for it.
The yak isn't going to 3D like a galaxy by any means but I think it's going to be a fantastic outdoor plane and once you learn it I could see flying it indoors. It's going to be much faster, but should be a stable flier. I guess it depends on what you are doing with it.

I hope some of this gibberish helps you.
Oh and I think your 1000 mah batteries will do fine.
My goal with this plane is to master Sport Flying and be good in the transitions from each manouver, also i was aiming for the slow flying speed and reckless flying :p

i think this plane will handle most likely Josh Bixlers EOT RARE BEAR wich i loved from his flights in the FliteTest episodes !

your comments were most valuable, thank you very much !!!

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
I was also thinking of the rare bear. I think it will suit you well. I only wonder about the rigidity of these type of planes since they are made to be tuff, they have to be sort of flexible and flexibility is the enemy of precision. Let me know how it works out.


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are you planning to video your first outdoor flight? that would be nice to see, i'm not really into planes but I am really interested in the HK 3D Hawk, looks pretty stout and crash resistant/easy to repair.

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
The 3D hawk is my favorite windy day plane because it's so tough. I have quite a few videos of flying on my youtube channel.


Flip through them and there's 3 of the Hawk. It's a really durable plane and will fly with tons of junk hanging off of it. The stock motor it comes with is amazing. Tons of power to pull out of anything, or slam into the ground amazingly hard lol.