Maiden Flight


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Well, finally got around to taking my legacy V2 out for its maiden. I just wanted to specify a few changes that I made to it before I took it out.
First off the skewers that were supplied with mine. We’re so small one rubber band made it bend up almost 20°, so I ended up installing wooden dowels which definitely helped. I also put long screws in the motors because the one supplied only had one thread making contact and I didn’t like that so I got longer screws and loc tited them in so now they’re not going anywhere. I ended up taking silicone and I made a wing saddle because the shiny paper rubbing against each other just wants to slide so with the silicone it didn’t take a whole heck of a lot of downward force with rubber bands to keep the wing in place ,
The 3-D printed landing gear brackets that were supplied with mine we’re not properly printed or printed with wet filament or what have you because they just disintegrated.
They just fell apart so I modeled a set of landing gear after the aluminum landing gear that they used to supply with this plane and I printed it with PETG and it came out fantastic and it works great . OK now for the maiden.
I’ve been flying for 40 years had over 40 planes at one time now I think I’m down to about 20 but I didn’t expect much from this airplane and boy was I surprised.
I took this thing out for the maiden Real windy and gusty our field isn’t the greatest and quite often we get gust coming across the field which was happening when I took this up.
I used an AR 610 receiver. Normally I put gyro receivers in my planes but I just feel like you’re not flying the plane with the Gyro so I wanted to go back to old school so I put , a straight out receiver in this and I am so happy I did.
This plane flies like it’s on rails. Unbelievable in the wind and responsive the power this thing has is unbelievable the versatility and the acrobatics can perform literally amaze me.
I didn’t have intentions of keeping this plane. I figured I would fly it a few times and get rid of it but now I’m going to paint it and it’s gonna be added to my hanger because I love this thing.

The only complaint that I have is the steerable tail wheel , the wire they use was so thin and flexible they’re just no control on the ground if you’re on a rough grass field like our field.
I think what I’m going to do is snip off that and 3-D print a skid I’d be better off, because as soon as you start moving And if the plane starts turning in a direction you don’t want all you have to do is gun the throttle and this thing is off the ground in a foot I love this plane.
Flight test you guys did a fantastic job with this plane. It totally amazed me.


Neat! Curious, what are you using for motors, props, battery? And what is your all-up-weight?
One of my hopeful winter builds is a FT Guinea Pig. I've never built or flown a twin engine.

I just finished a FT3D that I added a steerable tailwheel to. I was super excited how easy it was. I used a 1mm thick torsion spring that I got of off of Amazon for a few bucks, bent one side of it w/ a 90deg bend for the wheel and the other side i put a couple bends in it and then sandwiched between a couple pieces of 1/16" ply, and just glued that to the rudder. So far it seems to be holding up justj fine. Surprisingly, the rudder was the only control surface that didn't start delaminating the paper after a few flights. This actually puzzled me a little, as I always reinforce the hinges with glue like in the build videos.