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I build a couple of the EZ chuck gliders and they flew amazingly well got the balance perfect on them so since the simple cub I made was being finicky I decided to build the 4ch tiny trainer.

Took it out behind the school with my little boy and I revved it up and gave it a little toss and it just simply worked!! I was so nervous as it was flying cuz I was shocked at how well it flew basically hands off it was so smooth!

No video this time but will post one soon!

I had to modify some of how the tail servos are mounted cuz I only have a 2200 3c battery so I had to move it all back to get the CG perfect.



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The Tiny Trainer is always a good choice. Your mod looks spot on. Congratulations! You've got many more successful flights ahead of you with that one! :D


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I'm kinda surprized you got a 2200 3s to fit in there. Good job on the build man. Did your son have fun with it too, how old is he? It's good to see you both can share the hobby together.
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