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Maiden Gula Faran (Yellow Danger)


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Finally did I get the possibility to maiden this beauty that haven't flown in about 30 years. Had hoped that with the OS FS-91 Surpass 4-stroke that it would be enough engine to be able to cruise around 1/4 throttle, and it's perfect. Just a bit over idle with the awesome sound from the 4-stroke can I relax to 210% and just enjoy everything and just cruse around with the model at level flight. This model is going to be perfect for those beautiful summer evening's.

The model is a total home build so no brand, plans or any of that. The model is built after a full scale called "Gula Faran" in Swedish (Yellow Danger). You can find more info about the model at my Instagram or at Bj's Modellflyg Facebook group as well as more pictures. You will find direct links to Instagram and Facebook in the video description for the video on Youtube.

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Hope you like the video.