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Maker Faire


Knower of useless information
For those not in the know, Nov 11-12, Barnes & Noble bookstores across the nation will be hosting their annual Mini Maker Faires in various stores.

This year, I volunteered to come in and demonstrate several things - 3D printing, where I can print firewalls and control horns for my planes and show them actually being used; drones and FPV flight, as I have my Inductrix that I can take in, and of course, the "cheap" way to get in to the hobby, Flite Test foamies. :) I'm going to take my Sea Duck in, and my Duster, and if I am allowed to "make a little bit of a mess", I'll take some sheets of foam board in and actually build a plane throughout the day, depending on how long they want me there.

Anyone else thinking about doing this?