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Have built the swappable Spitfire using Power Pack C, no issues. I am concerned that the Master Series uses the same Power Pack, is this motor really sufficient for this larger airframe. The swappable is .90 lbs with a 1080mm wingspan and a 2200mah 11.1V 3S battery, while the Master Series is 1.6 lbs with a 1220mm wingspan and a 4S 2200mAh-3000mAh battery.

Would like to do this up in the style of the Avios MkV Spitfire in the style of Winnipeg Squadron. So I will be searching for a 3 bladed prop.


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I am running a no name turnigy knock off 3530 on a 1lb 4oz plane with no issues (this motor is equivalent to a 2808 in flite test speak). It has a little more oomph than the C pack motor. I have some 3536s coming in sometime soon I plan to switch to, those are a 2814 motor. They should provide unlimited vertical.

Really I think it would fly ok on a c pack. I am running a 9x5x3 on it and it seems to be doing great. If I go up to thje 3536, I think I want to go up in size on prop.

Personally I think it will fly fine with a C-Pack with adequate prop selection. I do testing on my swappable P40 (1 lb 1 oz) before I move stuff up to my F6F. It isn't that much lighter, and I don't care too much if I stuff it since it is built like a tank. A C-pack with a 1045 gives insta-thrust but it is kind of slow, and the 9x6 is about the sweet spot I think. You can carry some pretty decent speed on that and not have to worry about getting yourself in too much trouble. The 9x5x3 prop works well on it too.

Actually Jack at 13th squadron recommends a C Pack for all his builds that size. I don't know that there are weights posted for those planes.
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I run a Spitfire swappable on a large 4S 3300mah battery With a power-pack C motor and 10X4.5 prop. Plenty of power and performance. I suspect the master series on a 4S 2200mah with a 10” would be just fine.


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