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May 4-5th Ken White Scale & Warbird event - Austin, TX


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This weekend there is a huge warbird event going on in Austin, and should not be missed! Even if you go just to watch, it is a load of fun. Everything from small foam models to 19 ft span gasser B-17s will be there. Great way to spend a Saturday! I'll be bringing a few models down, and you are welcome to bring out your FT warbirds. Here is the description from the ARCA website:


Come join us at the Austin Radio Control Association for our BIGGEST airshow in 2018 AND in Central Texas. The 5th Annual Ken White Scale & Warbird Event.
This event is a heart-pounding, adrenaline pumping spectator event that is second to none in Texas!
Pilots from all over Texas, Louisiana, and as far away as Monterey, Mexico, will be tearing it up with some of the most incredible realistic radio control airplanes that you will ever see!
All types and sizes of airplanes, from the very small to massive 4-engine bombers (over 11 feet!), to turbine jets will be flying during this event.
In addition, the “Texas Warbird Thunder” RC Demonstration team will be at this show!
Thundering through the skies with several airplanes screaming around together in a group called a “warbird gaggle” Texas Warbird Thunder Team Pilots push the edge as they show incredible precision and control while filling the skies with their incredible planes at over 120 mph!!
IF you have never seen this in person, you do not want to miss it!
The Ken White event is an incredible experience for the family to come see on Friday May 4th and Saturday May 5th. The big day for this event is Saturday.
The fun starts around 10:30am but feel free to come earlier and talk to the pilots, see the planes and pick a spot to sit!
FREE parking and FREE admission to the public. Concessions will be available for purchase onsite with a shaded picnic area, and an air conditioned club house.
Send email to info@austinrc.org with questions or visit www.austinrc.org