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Medieval Challenge

Greetings to all you brave knights and ladies of the kingdom, the King has as thrown out a royal challenge to design a "Dragon" plane. Not really, but having heard many people talk about the movies they have seen with flyng dragons got me to wondering. Can we realy design a Dollar Tree foam board flying dragon?

The King has thrown out the chalenge, are there any worthy takers?

King Aurther
THAT IS A AWESOME DRAGON. Also, I like the idea of flite-test making one though! Although I have the feeling it will look like the chicken in the Nutball episode...
I am completely down to help build an RC Dragon!! As an experimental archaeologist that has put most of my time into Medieval Living History personas, I feel I must answer the call to this!!

so here's my first thought on this:
does it have to be technically a dragon?

with four legs?

or can it be a wyvern!?
a 'la Skyrim :D

A Wyvern seems to be basically a taildragger with a long nose and even longer tail. I'm even debating on it being built off of Flite Test's Swappable fuselage.
It just comes down to the power -
twins or single?
push or pull?
and are props ok? (I'm thinking it'd be fine, when it's flying no-one will know)

because I'm thinking having a standard positive wing slant like the FT Flyer would be good for the looks, and it would help it be stable...

but with a wing shape more like the FT Cruiser...

heck, maybe even a servo to help the wings "fold" like an F-14 or Tornado
if you really want to go intense! :D

basically I have both of these pictured in my head:

... and they both obviously fly :D the tail of the dragon would be the real tail, although we'd probably need to add some extra elevators forward, just behind the main wings, like on a flying fish because way in the back they'd look a bit "off."

but yes, I'm totally willing to help. Only catch is, I know about nothing when it comes to RC flying... but I do know how to fly for real, so hopefully that can be put to good use ;) and I've built basically everything one can think of out of foam except an RC airplane:
- not mine, can't take pics right now :( and my helmet isn't done quite yet

Yours in Service
"Frater Patricius de Reims, honorable Knight Templar, 1225" - Yeoman of the Knights of the Order Marshall, member of the Beausant Brotherhood, and all-around Medieval nut! :D
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