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Member Blogs

Not sure if the site had the capability before or not (I thought I saw it at one time). But how about setting up user blogs? I know of one other site that does it and it seems fairly popular.

I was thinking about setting one up for me and my boys as we venture into this new hobby of ours. Cannot see myself doing it on more than one site, and thought this would be a great place for it.

What are your thoughts? Does the forum suite you are using support it already or would you have to add it - thus probably making it more effort than you would want to take on?

Thanks in advance
Ok, I think I found blog stuff in the member settings section (I thought I saw this functionality before, but forgot to look there...). However, I do not see an easy way to browse or view member blogs. Is this something that would be possible or is it already available and I am just missing it?
Thank you sir. I knew I had seen it before, but could not find it. Even now, I tried to get to the page you provided the link for and cannot seem to find the path to the blogs. Other than just following your link, how do I navigate Their.

Man, I am not usually this dense, but cannot seem to find my way there...
It seems I really have to watch the auto-correct function on the iPad too...
Yes, you can write blogs, and be like a tree falling the the forest.

The only way to be heard is to be a big tree and be very load.

Or fall out of the forest and fall across a road.​

I'm writing one. Here it is: http://forum.flitetest.com/blog.php?20559-JohnC

I think the way to promote the blogs is to put the blog link in your forum signature.
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