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minwax and tape designs


New member
Hey guys, just wondering when you want to waterproof your plane with minwax, do you put it on first then put on your packing tape and other decals over the top? or do you put the tape and decals on first then minwax over the whole thing?


New member
and you find no problem with the tape sticking to the minwaxed surface? Just wondering, does it leave it as a smooth surface, like a varnished piece of wood? or still rough, like the paper covering on the foam thats already there?


Dedicated foam bender
I either minwax or tape, not both. If I remember correctly, someone said they let the minwax cure for a few days and then had no issues with tape or vinyl sticking to it better...
You can also do what we do in wood working. After your finish is cured, sand it with a 220 grit or something around there. This will help your next adhesive adhere to the surface better. I haven't used minwax before, so can't say about that specific finish.


Hostage Taker of Quads
If the cured surface will take paint, why wouldn't it take adhesive?

BTW, it does work -- never tape-covered a minwaxed board, but taped hinges/joints stick beautifully.
I usually minwax after I've cut the parts, before I assemble. The only adhesives I've put on are tape for repairs and such and they have stuck just fine. The surface isn't as smooth as minwaxed wood but it is a bit smoother than un-minwaxed paper on foam board.