Help! How to paint the newer foam board?


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A while ago, I made the Master Series Corsair, but put off painting it because I had never done it before and didn’t want to do it all wrong. I made it with the newer white foam that’s a little glossy(maybe a waxy coating?). Every painting guide I’ve seen from the flite test YouTube channel or other videos uses the brown foam board or the old papery foam board. I also bought some lacquer airbrush paints from Mr. Hobby. My questions are these: Do I still need the recommended Minwax coat on top of the waxy coating that’s already on the board? Should I sand it with some steel wool or 320 grit sand paper before painting with anything? Is it okay to use acetone or lacquer paints on this type of foam? Hope someone knows what to do. Thanks!

PS: I put some pictures below of the foam board and the glossy-ish finish it has.


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I've had to do some light scratches with steel wool or a heavy kitchen scratcher on the white FT Makerfoam before painting, otherwise a lot of it will flake off (especially if I use painters tape). You don't necessarily need to use Minwax, as the coating already provides a level of waterproofing. I mainly use Rustoleum rattle spray cans with decent results- there's a Navy Blue color might work well for your purposes. I've never tried acetone or lacquer paints on foamboard, so you might want to try a test piece or two before you jump into painting your Corsair.