Motor Data help.


hey guys

I typically buy my stuff online.

today I decided to support my local hobby store.

after searching around I found an rc plane store that had lots of parts.

I ended up buying 200 worth !

but I bought a cheap china motor with no specs .

have any of you ever seen before.

I'm going to measure it once I get home I was asking for a 2205 motor. I dont have a watt meter . if I did how would I use it to find out.

also looks like it doesnt need a prop adapter? it has a prop saver?

after research seems I have a 2812 but not sure....wish I knew kv and rest of specs so I can properly match this setup

here is a comparison to which is why I think I have a 2812


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Looks like a blue wonder. I’d try an 8 inch prop. Run it for 10 second, then check it to see if it get hot. If it’s not hot repeat with 30 seconds and then 60. If it gets hot on an 8 inch prop try a 7. But who knows maybe it will turn a 9 inch prop.
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What merv said is bang on. A watt meter only helps if you know the rated watts of the motor. Heat is your only benchmark right now. Just mount it to a 2x4 for testing.


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That design is what I have herd referred to as a Donkey motor because of the mounting design. I have several and mine are notorious for bending the prop shaft when unexpected landings happen. Amazing power for there weight to size ratio.