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Motor/ESC issue, First scratch build.

I'm in the middle of my first scratch build, the P-51 Mustang. Foam building is alot of fun but I'm having trouble with the electronics. I bought the "swappable spitfire" combo from Lazertoyz. I'm using an OrangeRX 615X reciever and a DX8 transmitter. The first time I connected it all up everything was working smoothly. The servos and throttle responded as expected. The next day when I tried it again I found that as soon as the transmitter and reciever were linked the motor would start spinning at a low speed even though by throttle stick was fully down. I thought that this just meant that I needed to set the throttle range so I followed the instrctions for doing that.

1. turn on TX put throttle to 100%
2. connect battery to ESC, wait for a series of 4 beeps from the motor
3. move throttle down to 0%, motor beeps twice and plays a little song, done

After that everything is working correctly again. Motor stops when throttle stick is full down. The problem is that after I turn everything off and reconnect it I begin having the exact same issue with the motor spinning at 0% throttle input. I can go thru the throttle range setup again and everything works but only unitl I disconnect the battery. It seems like I'm gonna have to go thru the throttle range setup everytime I connect a battery but that can't be right can it?

Any ideas what my problem is?