My 125% Sparrow, the Yellowtail Blackbird!


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Maidened today in 10-15mph winds with no problems, stable enough to almost hover.

Last week I had a couple of boys (friends grandkids 6 and 9) over to fly chuck gliders last week. Really impressed with the way the FT Sparrow would glide. We had a ball. One week later and 3 fuselage iterations resulted in success.

Lengthened fuse to 20". Wing is 36" with an 8" chord. Using a FT 2212-1050 motor swinging an APC 9x4.5e prop, static thrust is equal to AUW of 13.9 oz. Maidened in 10-15mph winds with no problem, stable enough to (almost) hover. 8min flights on 1000ma 2c left batts with 45% remaining.

Next step, aileron wing and 1300ma 3c with 8x4.5 prop.

Sorry, no plans. Used paper, tape and pencil to effect changes.


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I am fairly new to Flite Test. I like to mess with and change the designs myself. I just revisited the sparrow recently and built it to spec. Instead of the F or A pack I used an AtomRC 2007 2700KV motor. During the test flight yesterday it hit close to 60mph on 2/3 throttle on 4s 850mah. I am installing ailerons today to add some better control to it. When you changed the dimensions of the plane, do you keep the CG where it was or moved it to about 33% of the wing?