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My baby Blender

Hi guys

I'm sharing with you my Baby blender, I made the "Daffy bipe"

surfing online I found a Daffy STL for 3d printing, so came the idea!

Then I need to make something more for the guys at the field.. Daffy STL had that pointed finger, what to do with that one?...
So I designed the "B"omb button, later I made everyting more realistic making a release servo for the "Atomic bomb" drop.
I took a drop bomb from another FT airplane (I don't remember which one), I short it to make it more cartoon fatty, some vinyl letters, 3/4 fishing weight inside the tip...

...and a lot of fun at the field!!

the small stuff you see on the fuselage is a 3d printed small plate to save the foam from getting damaged from the sticks.
Also the swappable pod is fitted with a similar plate, I designed also some pads to protect the wingtip from scratching on the runway, and a scratch protector for the nose bottom.