My first design - Night Fury

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Ok, so I have been wanting to learn to design for quite a while, and I figure I need to start something, so this is it, here we go.

First, things to know:

There is no timeline for this, I am not in any hurry.

I am going to try and make plans everyone can use.

I will be learning fusion 360 as I go, so we shall see how this turns out. I am sure there will be revisions.

Ok, so I want to make some sort of UAV typish plane. When I was buying my wing, I saw this plane called the reptile dragon V2, it basically runs off 2 F pack motors, has a high loiter time, huge amounts of battery room, and is easy enough to fly.


Ok, so I don't quite want to pay 200 for a plane, and I kind of feel like this would be simple enough to make out of DTFB, so I am going to give it a stab. My goals for this is to run off something relatively efficient and cheap. I have a couple of F pack motors that I can use some 6045 props on. This single F pack set up gives me over 20 minutes of flight time on my wing, so I am hoping with a 4500 MAH battery (I have 2 of those that were meant for my rustler, but don't fit) that I could possibly achieve that or more.

Wing span will be 50-60 inches, smooth airfoil. I cant tell from the pics if the wings on this are swept forward, but I may just do that for giggles.

The body will be wide enough to house whatever junk you want, and hopefully tough enough handle a forced landing. Obviously the original plane is EPP, and it won't be that tough, but hopefully it won't shatter on impact either. I think I will elongate the nose for more CG control too and give folks room to be creative too... bomb drop or payload delivery?

Anyways, I think I am nearly done with the fuselage. I think I am going to do a V tail, because coolness, right?


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Alright, so before I continued on with the design process, I figured I was way faster with a yard stick and razor knife than I was with fusion 360, so I decided to mock up a prototype based loosely on the dimensions. (I have the tailfeathers and fuselage done in fusion).

The fuselage is about a half inch shorter in height than I had drawn up in 360, and quite a bit longer. The nose is modular, so that can always be edited and chopped down. I can easily make a new nose piece for full on FPV equipment to mount to. I didn't plan for it to be this pointy, but it was on a whim with me wielding a razor and some boredom.

The wing span is just a basic 6 inch chord 7 degree forward swept Armin wing. I considered giving the wings some taper, and also doing a thinner chord (higher aspect ratio) and maybe pick up some efficiency. I figured I would just make the thicker wing and see how it went. It is 3 layers of foam board thick and a 60" span. Maybe a bit wider than I need, but if it flies well, I can cut down/decrease size and experiment with different wings in the name of efficiency. If it meets the goals, I may not do anything to it at all.

It currently balances out well with 2200mah and 4500mah batteries, it wouldn't balance with a 1000 without full FPV gear, but I also don't want to run a battery that small. On run up, it seems like it should have plenty of power, and should at the very least be fast.


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Now that I know it flies well enough, I will proceed along with plans. Here are the highlights of the maiden flight, which occured in a higher wind (15 with gusts to 30mph) situation.

1. Power, it has plenty. Flying into the wind and cutting through it has no issue at all. I would bet its max speed is 50-60mph.

2. Docile. Even with throws at 15 degrees, aileron authority was ok, but it didn't want to do insane barrel rols or anything. Elevator throws needed to be dialed down.

3. Light wing loading. I had a couple 25-30mph gusts knock me into a 20 degree bank.

4. The mixture of low wing loading and enough aerodynamic efficiency means this will be a pretty efficient plane. I flew about 10 minutes on a 2200mah pack and it is about 60%


Oh, should I put winglets on it?
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Yeah, you are already going for efficiency so add some winglets and break up those vertices.

My thoughts too. I just built this to hopefully have a known working design to base things off of. No point going all in on an unknown design that could have been a turd at the end of the day. I am hoping to have something that can impress dtfb haters at the end of the day.