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My first real auto in anger...


How many letters do we ge
Just about every flight I finish with an autorotation (aka 'auto'); where power is cut to the motor and the heli is left to descend under the momentum of the blades. This takes place from below knee height.

A while ago I was flying my heli (Blade 400) about 7ft up and suddenly the motor cut out. I did all that I was supposed to do; go slightly into neg pitch to keep the blades going, keep the nose forward, let it settle into descent and flare for a nice landing, skids high allowing for the forward momentum. Perfect.

Walked over to the heli with a triumphant feel only to find that the battery had disconnected. The heli had (perfectly) auto'd itself! What a let-down!

Today was different though.

About 20ft up in forward flight the motor-gear suddenly left the pinion. Practically all power was gone and a horrible screech noise resounded as the pinion tried to turn the main gear by it's tips. I continued in this fashion, descending to about 8ft where I hit throttle hold and auto'd in for a reasonably good landing.

Can I hear a woohoo?

Another flite test member witnessed the event and was heard to comment along the lines - "That's why I don't fly helis!".

I don't know why anyone would be so narrow-minded... do you? Lobstermash??



PS - 'in anger' in case you don't know - a phrase along the lines 'to use for real', as opposed just as a test or training exercise.


Propaganda machine
Haha, when I heard the awful noise start I wondered how many spare parts you'd be ordering... I was very impressed at the landing and minimal damage. My comment, as I recall, was before the heli was safely on the ground?


How many letters do we ge
Possibly - was all a blur to me!

I'm glad I wasn't inverted at the time - would have likely been a different story.