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My lipo bunker..smoke.


Junior Member
Ive just started building my lipo bunker...ive used a 50cal ammo box and have drilled a hole in the side for wires and 5 vent holes in the top to let pressure out. the problem is that where i live it rains a lot and i have no way of charging out side. if the lipo is locked in the box in a charge bag i have no way of seeing if the lipo is puffing so if its going to pop it will. im sure im covered when it comes to the lipo flaming but its the smoke that will cause my damage..what im thinking is if i get a digital thermometer (external probe) with an alarm and set it to 10 degrees above room temp will this tell me that my lipo has gone wrong and is about to blow...thus giving me a few minuets to hurl it out of the house in the box?
A blast box shouldn't have a secured top, regardless of venting. The point is to direct flames/debris away.

Anyway, if you are really that worried about fire maybe you shouldn't consider keeping it inside. Five seconds is a really long time when you're on fire.