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My RC Hobby Zone

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My RC Hobby Zone
My RC Hobby Zone is a community of RC Enthusiasts from around the world sharing knowledge, information, events, photos and videos. Are you new to RC hobbies or just wanting to connect with friends new and old? My RC Hobby Zone is the place to be. We evolve everyday from the resources, content and knowledge sharing of the members who take part in connecting with people around the world. Check out the latest flitetest videos and learn more about what we do and how My RC Hobby Zone works.

We have been busy working on My RC Hobby Zone to enhance your community experience and wanted to tell you about some new features we've just added.

Facebook Connect - For those of you who use facebook, you can now use your facebook login to connect with My RC Hobby Zone. Logging in with facebook will enable additional functionality that connects your facebook with our community.

Facebook Page - Become of a fan and like us on facebook. Simply search for My RC Hobby Zone or click here to be linked in to the community on facebook.

FB Chat - A great new feature that enables members to chat with each other real time. Look at the bottom of the site and you will see the chat bar. Login using Facebook and your all set.

Social Networking - My RC Hobby Zone employs many great utilities to give you an amazing social experience. Create an album and upload your photo's, add events, video's, create a blog and post topics to the forum.

RC Links - A New menu has been added to RC Specific links. Add your own site or post a site that you want to share with the community.

RC Clubs - Currently developing a menu to add your RC club to the community as well as provide links to global RC Clubs.

Twitter - Do you use twitter and want to spread your message to community members? use the #RC or #MYRCHZ hashtag and your twitter post will display right on the main community page.

We are currently working on adding the learning section. This area will provide information specifically related to RC Planes, Land Vehicles and Boats.

Do you want to be featured on the frontpage of My RC Hobby Zone? Contact Us and we will be happy to work with you to promote your RC Content.

Thank you,
My RC Hobby Zone
Where RC Hobby Enthusiast Come to Play
Email: info@myrchobbyzone.com
Not open for further replies.