My walls are getting busy!!! :)


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Are we posting pictures of our walls?! :)

Not pictured: an ft mig-3 and mustang. I spent weeks recovering from a c.diff infection in the last month, so I've build 3 or 4 planes that I haven't even maidened... The warbirds don't even have servos. Building took my mind off how crappy I was feeling :)


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Im thinkin your version of "gettin busy" is wayyy different then our version.

Id show mine but they are not on walls. They hang from curtain rods and closet doors in various rooms.

That n my place us a disasterous mess. Spent too much time building and not keepin up with my womanly duties. No matter wonter is commin so plenty time to catch up.


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Nice but not quite a 'busy' as some of mine.;)

All Depron except the Pup which is conventional stick and tissue.


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Some organization is needed for me.
The "hanger" method would work for part of the future work room/spare bedroom. I expect to be building a rack for the room pictured here.
I call it the ready room. (it's where I gather my away team) :geek: